Looking for a natural eyeshadow free of harsh chemicals and alcohols? 

There are a number of makeup brands on the market, but many of these brands come packed with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can irritate the skin, clog pores and even lead to long-term issues not identified until later in life. Additionally, most makeup companies test products on animals, which brings up additional ethical issues. 

By making natural makeup at home, it's possible to skip all of these negatives and produce chemical-free makeup options for any skin color. Try this recipe for a simple homemade mineral clay eyeshadow. 

Natural Mineral Clay Eyeshadow Recipe



  1. Start by adding the arrowroot starch and bentonite clay into a small bowl and mix thoroughly. This creates the base. 
  2. Add in the colors until the desired shade is reached. Once happy with the color, add in a few drops of the almond or jojoba oil and mix. This leaves a soft yet not dusty eyeshadow. 
  3. Outside of the oils, arrowroot starch and bentonite clay, everything else is designed to adjust the color, shimmer and sparkle of the eyeshadow. Mix until the desired eyeshadow is achieved.