Rewards Banner

iHerb Rewards is a simple referral program that rewards both you and anyone you introduce to iHerb. All iHerb customers can participate in this program.

How it works:

  • As an iHerb customer, you have a unique 6-7 digits rewards code. Log in to see your code.
  • Tell others about iHerb or your favorite products at iHerb, and tell them to use your code to get 10% credit off their first order. In return, you will get 10% Rewards credit that you can use or cash out later on. Or 5% reward credit if they are a current customer.
  • Send them links to specific products, your previous orders, or a shopping cart full of your favorite products. Perfect for social media. Log in to see how.
  • Later on, use this credit to shop at iHerb or cash out if you have accumulated more than $300 rewards credit.

The Potential:

  • Each month 10s of thousands of iHerb customers save extra on their iHerb order, and over 500 cash out.
  • iHerb Rewards is a perfect program for social media influencers. Read more.

Next Step:

  • Log in to your Rewards page for your rewards code and ways to share.

Questions: See FAQ